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  • Distance learning course “Organic agriculture” for students and youth

    The distance course program is aimed at familiarizing with the basics of organic farming, studying and mastering methods of growing organic products.

    The course is recommended for students of agricultural classes, interested students of grades 8-11 of general education institutions.

    An unlimited number of students can take the distance course. The course is developed in the Moodle distance learning system and available in Russian.

    Purpose of the course: to promote the expansion of opportunities for self-employment of schoolchildren and young people living in rural areas through the development of their knowledge, skills, and competencies in the field of organic agriculture.


    • introduction to intensive and organic farming;
    • awareness of the prospects of organic agriculture;
    • formation of culture of agriculture, skills of careful attitude to the land.

    According to the results of the training, students will:

    To know:

    • mechanisms of soil formation;
    • basic principles and features of organic farming;
    • basic principles and features of intensive farming;
    • agrotechnics of organic farming.

    To understand:

    • the difference between traditional and organic farming;
    • advantages and disadvantages of various types of agriculture.

    Be able to:

    • plan an organic vegetable garden;
    • form different types of beds;
    • to grow products according to the principles of organic farming.

    The author of the course is Vladimir Nikolaevich Pustoshilo, a specialist in educational programs, a teacher of the 1st qualification category, a consultant on sustainable development, the author of six training programs on organic farming for schoolchildren.

    All students who have successfully completed the distance course will receive certificates of the participant of the international project “School Garden” on the completion of the course.

    To register, students must have an email address to which access passwords and a brief instruction will be sent. Internet access is required to work with the course. The course is completed independently on an individual basis in a free mode.

    A coordinator from among the teachers is appointed from the educational institution to help students during the course. To participate, each student must be registered by a link indicating his personal (and not school) email address.

    You must apply for the course by April 1, 2022.

    Sign up for a course

    NB. Only one participant can be registered to one email address.

    If you have any questions about filling out the form, you can write an email to: info@schoolgarden.net or call by phone / Viber: +37529 3139244 (Anna Grishina).

    Дата проведения: April - June 2022